Technical Departament

Activities of Technical Departament:
- Organization of construction and supervision of hydro-buildings, inspection and maintenance of hydro-buildings;
- Organization of construction and monitoring of shore holding facilities, shore holding facility maintenance and inspection;
- Organization and development of engineering construction projects;
- Freeport of Ventspils hardware and software maintenance, system administration, system security and surveillance systems;
- Logistical maintenance of ships and Freeport divisions;
- Maintenance of ship technical condition, supply of spare parts and organization of repairs;
- European Union supported project management.
Freeport of Ventspils, EU Investment Projects, Technical Departament

Head of Technical Departament

Deputy Executive Officer of the Freeport of Ventspils
Māris Petrovskis
Phone: (+371) 63602320


Diving Boat "Neptūns"

Phone: (+371) 26333284
Diving boat provides underwater viewing of hydro-technical objects at Ventspils port basin, carries out underwater welding, sunken object search and recovery, underwater photo and video reception, as well as provides diving services at Ventspils port basin.