Ventspils High Technology Park

Companies producing innovative products and companies related to information and communications technologies operate in Ventspils High Technology Park. The park is located in the Northern part of the city, in 15-minute drive from the Port of Ventspils and ~ 2-hour drive from the capital Riga and Riga International Airport (RIX). 

Ventspils High Technology Park

  • Total space: 40 ha        
  • Vacant space: 27 ha
  • Available plots of land equipped with utilities.
  • Opportunity to design and construct industrial buildings, access roads and parking lots. 
  • Opportunity to lease office premises and industrial buildings at competitive lease payment.
  • Available utilities: power connection, city district heat supply, water supply etc.

New Buildings In Ventspils High Technology Park

  • Space of premises in each of the buildings ~ 4,300 m².
  • Energy efficient projects with economic heat supply.
  • Free height in the production area: 7 m.
  • Opportunity to install beam cranes with lift capacity of up to 5 t.
  • Load on the floor of the building: 5 t/m².
  • Integrated office, household and technical premises.
  • Power capacity: 1 MW, with the option of increase.
  • Provided all required communications.
  • Building may be adjusted to the lessee's requirements.
  • Apply for lease! 


Ventspils High Technology Park Building No.6


Land lot and location

Technical information on premises

Area of the land lot: 1,7 ha

Public parking available (for workers) near by the land lot.

Availability of public transport

Distances: to city centre 5 km, to the universal ferry/container terminal 4 km, to E22 motorway Ventspils  - Riga 1,4 km

Availability of SEZ status

Area of premises: 6420 m2, incl.:
- production area: 4800 m2,
- office area: 630 m2,                                                    - technical area (ventilation room, storage, etc): 600 m2
- auxiliary area (changing rooms, lounges, etc): 390 m2

Free height in the production area: 7m

Possible load on bottom in production area: 1600m² – 2,5t/m², 3200 m² – 4t/m²

Available electric power: 2500 kVA

City district heating
Costs and rental conditions Requirements of EU co-financing project

Rental price of premises: 4,5 EUR/m2/month + VAT,

Land lease: 0,5% from cadastral value per year (~0,022 EUR/m2/year)

Utility costs – tenant has to conclude direct service agreements with respective utility service providers

10 new working places by the start of production

30 new working places in three years 

Tenant has to be a small medium enterprise in the beginning of the lease

Progress of construction works Other information
Ongoing construction process Availability depends on impact of production to the environment

Current Lessees Of Ventspils High Technology Park

Long-term lessees of the park include one of the largest manufacturer of electronics in Latvia – manufacturer of electronic systems and components there of HansaMatrixVentspils, one of the globally leading IT companies Accenture, the largest manufacturer of flexible packing in Northern Europe IMMER Digitalmanufacturer of new generation heating and cooling systems Wasserkabel Baltic, liquid crystal display factory EUROLCDs  and other electronics companies. 

At the beginning of 2019, construction of two new industrial buildings will be commenced in Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP). One of the industrial buildings (6,000 m2) will be leased by one of the current lessees of Ventspils High Technology Park – manufacturer of flexible packing Immer Digital, which opened its first production unit in Ventspils in February 2017, whereas, the other building (4,100 m2) will be leased by the manufacturer of the electronic boards and peripherals LLC (SIA) "Quality Jobs". 

See all industrial clients of Ventspils. 

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