Yacht port

After entering the port, you can see the yacht port that is located in south of the Venta River (on your left). The yacht port of Ventspils offers parking to up to 50 yachts by a 110m long mooring place where the depth of water is 3.7m. The tides at the yacht port are insignificant, the water level can differ by 0.3m above and below the average.

Coordinates of the yacht port: GPS: 57°2338N 21°3201E

The yacht port of Ventspils offers you:

  • 30 berths with electricity (220V) supply;
  • drinking water;
  • lavatories and showers;
  • sauna;
  • washing and drying laundry;
  • café in the summer season;
  • Wi-Fi free of charge;
  • 24h surveillance;
  • bicycle and car rent;
  • storage of yachts in winter (with tripod rental);
  • lifting and repairs of yachts;
  • medical assistance.

As well as possibility to lease berths and premises:

  • 210m long and 6.5m deep deep-water berth;
  • Yard with the total area of 10,200 m2;
  • Warehouse premises with the total area of 5,124 m2.

Objects are located in a guarded territory with asphalted roads and access roads.


Prices and other information:

Phone: (+371) 28311919
E-mail: [email protected]