Deputy Harbour Master

Deputy Harbour Master

Gunārs Trukšāns
Phone: (+371) 63623324
E-mail: [email protected]

Vessel Traffic Service

Phone: (+371) 63621040
Knows the positioning of vessels at anchorages and berths, the maintenance of locators and communication equipment, communication with vessels, the sequence, routes, speed and monitoring of traffic movements on the locator, controlling the entry and exit of vessels, monitoring the readiness of pilotage and pilotage group vessels.

Passanger boat "Hercogs Jēkabs"

Freeport of Ventspils excursion boat Hercogs Jēkabs is a popular city tourism and recreation attraction.

Pilotage Vessel Group

The Pilotage Vessel Group ensures the safe carriage of the pilot and passengers of the vessel, taking into account the instructions of the Vessel Traffic Management Operator.

Phone: (+371) 29604517