Support for Investors

Our wish is to create the most favorable environment for development of industrial activities in every development stage of a company. Therefore, we build long-term relationships with manufacturers and look for mutually attractive conditions for cooperation. The industrial zone is equipped with a high-quality infrastructure, and thanks to the Freeport of Ventspils, industrial buildings are available for different companies. Therefore, the companies are able to launch their production faster and with a smaller initial capital.

Contact Person Designated by the Municipality – Project Coordinator

The city supports all types of industrial/processing activities and forms an environment particularly favorable for investment. For faster solution of practical issues a special project coordinator is designated by the Freeport for each investment project. The coordinator provides all the required information for the newly established companies.

Planning of Urban Infrastructure – Adapted for Manufacturers

The industrial zone of the Freeport of Ventspils has basic infrastructure – a road network and utilities that reach the boundaries of company lots. The industrial zone and the whole city are equipped with powerful high-quality utilities that can be adjusted to the ideas of manufacturers.

Support for Business Start-Ups – Business Incubation

Anyone who starts production in Ventspils receives maximum support from the municipality. The support instruments in the start-up period are various – from suitable premises and specialist consultations to the development of a large-scale infrastructure. The long-term municipal aid is attributed to both large already existing and start-up businesses.

Ventspils can be proud of business incubation facilities, as well as the active cooperation between the city, manufacturers and the academic sector. The Business Incubator of the Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP) is a supporter for business start-ups.  In the start-up phase VHTP Business Incubator offers companies to rent modern office facilities under preferential conditions as well as to get any kind of business consultation for the business plan development, export launch and international marketing, and other business issues. Nearly 60 emerging companies of different industries are operating in the VHTP Business Incubator.

Ventspils – the Center of Intelligent Technologies

Ventspils has all the conditions for ICT, including the ones necessary for the development of powerful data centers. A modern communication infrastructure provides opportunities to store and process large volumes of data that require the power of high-speed connections.

The municipality and the Freeport of Ventspils in cooperation with several companies has developed a Development Strategy and Action Plan for the Information and Communication Technology Field from 2014 to 2020 in order to promote a particularly favorable environment for the development and operation of ICT companies.

Already now the concentration of ICT in Ventspils has increased significantly and the development continues. The increasing number of local and internationally recognized businesses serves as evidence.

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Businesses currently in Freeport of Ventspils

biodiesel production;
polyurethane manufacturing and sewing services for industrial customers;