Project “FVA/Remediation of historically contaminated sites”

The aim of the project “Remediation of historically oil-contaminated sites in Ventspils – former NAI “ŪDEKA” (Kad. No. 27000290133) territory and oil product main pipeline route (Kad. No. 27000290007)” is to stop the migration of groundwater contaminated with dissolved oil products in the Baltic using a sustainable treatment technology towards the sea that would completely eliminate the risks of pollution of the marine waters.

The Project is necessary to clean up a historically contaminated with oil products site by eliminating a source of pollution that, in the context of climate changes, poses a significant risk to the Baltic Sea and its coast and the health of the surrounding population.

Usage of sustainable treatment technologies will ensure:

  • elimination of the free oil products fraction recorded in the soil massif of the contaminated territory;
  • in the contaminated area what lays parallel to coastal zone of the Baltic Sea, a  filtering and purifying barrier system will be installed - that will ensure the cessation of migration of groundwater contaminated with dissolved oil products towards the Baltic Sea, completely eliminating the risks of marine pollution.

As a result of the project, the risks to Public health and the Environment in the respective area will be eliminated and it will be made usable in accordance with the interests of public and city development.

As a result of the project public awareness and education campaigns, public awareness of environmental and climate issues will be increased, while the exchange of experience with the Norwegian partner will provide additional practical and theoretical knowledge on this type of project implementation, international experience and efficient use of funding.

Project budget: 5 117 000 EUR, incl., Norwegian Financial Mechanism programme co-financing 85% (4 349 450 EUR).

Project partners and main responsibilities:

  • Ventspils freeport Authority – soil remediation activities, incl. project management and Public Relations (4 963 200 EUR);
  • Ventspils High technology park – public awareness campaign (138 200 EUR);
  • International Development Norway - expertise on environmental marketing issues (15 600 EUR).

The project implementation period is from July 1, 2021 to April 30, 2024.