Invest In Ventspils

The Port of Ventspils is an industrial zone of the Northern part of the EU for the development of all kinds of industrial production. Our advantages include favorable conditions of cooperation, customized manufacturing infrastructure, availability and, if necessary, creation of strategic resources, major intellectual capital, scientific and educational potential, as well as an attractive environment of a coastal city next to the Baltic Sea. Due to convenient transport connections and diverse logistic solutions the EU and even countries of Central Asia can easily access us.

7 Reasons to Invest in Ventspils

Convenient import/export hub between the EU and Central Asian markets Location in the East-West transit connection and the TEN-T transport network allows all types of logistics. 
Customized territories for all kinds of industrial production Territories of more than 500 ha equipped with electricity, IT and telecommunications as well as other utilities waiting for new industries (possible investments for the development of company infrastructure). Rent no bigger than 0.5% of the land’s cadastral value.

Labour supply, high potential of intellectual capital

Multilingual local labor (Latvian, Russian, English, German).

Well-developed vocational education in required fields – the most modern infrastructure in the country to acquire professional skills of metalworking, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, energetic, electronics, etc.

One of the best bases for vocational and higher education in the Baltics, covering such fields as IT, telecommunications, electronics, astronomy, engineering, mechanical engineering and other promising sectors.

Modern infrastructure and possibilities of staff training in fields necessary for production.

Active local scientific institutes for the transfer of R&D knowledge to the business environment.

Favorable business start-up, attractive tax environment, the special economic zone (SEZ) status.

Clear unitary regulations and benefits for both local and foreign investors, as well as a secure business environment.

Business company registration within a few days.

Corporate income tax and immovable property tax are reduced by 80% until a company is able to compensate up to 40% (60% for small and 50% for medium-sized companies) of investments. When paying out compensation, corporate income tax is 4% which otherwise is 20% in Latvia, immovable property tax, in turn, is 0.3%. 

Ambitious business incubation system 

Support provided to companies by the Business Support Centre and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia during their initial phase of operations.

Supportive local government that is open for cooperation in every development stage of the company

A project coordinator for solving practical investment project issues and their faster guidance.

Municipal support in providing utilities and public infrastructure necessary for production.

Professional and regulator services within easy reach.

Comfortable and tidy urban environment  One of the most attractive coastal cities of the Baltic Sea. Ventspils is not only a port and an industrial park, but also a gorgeous environment for everyday life and tourism offering first-class infrastructure, a wide range of cultural, sports and leisure activities, all forms of education and a unique beach.


Businesses currently in Freeport of Ventspils

manufacturing of LCD products;
candle manufacture;