The Industrial zone of Ventspils Freeport and the city itself are equipped with high-quality powerful utilities. The communications support can be adapted to the investor’s production plans.

Electric power

Throughout the whole territory of Ventspils a stable and constant electric power supply is provided by three 110 kV transmission line paths from 330 kV node substations, and the new 330 kV line opened in 2014.

Since 2014 the substation Ventspils fulfills the stable 330 kV electric power supply to the city and the industrial companies.

The massive power reserve of the Ventspils substation is intended for new connections. The consumption of the already existing ones can also be doubled without any additional investment.

Latvia has open electric power market. Some of the major electricity suppliers are Latvenergo, Enefit, etc.

IT infrastructure

Optical Internet networks that make Latvia one of the TOP 7 countries in the world, according to the average Internet speed, can be found in Latvia and also in Ventspils.

One of the benefits of Ventspils is the availability of a number of independent high-power optical cable connections with the international data mainlines. The data transmission to Scandinavia and the EU, as well as to Central Asia countries is provided by 2 underwater and 5 (from 2015 – six) surface optic lines.

Ventspils is the connection point of a global undersea optical cable with Sweden. There are 2 independent international optical undersea cable lines that connect Ventspils and Stockholm. These lines are serviced by such operators as Lattelecom and Baltcom Fiber. Companies can choose to use a combination of services by both operators.

  • The newest 68-fiber undersea optical cable Ventspils – Gotland – Stockholm (producer – Ericcson) with the potential transmission of each fiber from 10 to 40 Gbps and the service availability (99,7%) guaranteed in the international IP data transmission belongs to Baltcom Fiber.
  • In addition to the undersea optical cable of 10 Gbps, the national company Lattelecom has a wide network connected to the neighboring countries of the EU.

5 surface lines ( Lattelecom, Latvenergo (2 lines), Latvijas Dzelzceļš and LVRTC) from Ventspils to Riga provide data exchange in a number of international networks:

  • North – through Estonia to Finland and further on to the major European data exchange hubs in Germany;
  • South – through Lithuania to Central European countries and with a loop – to Germany and the major European exchange hubs;
  • East – through Moscow and St. Petersburg and in a loop with Finland and Sweden.

Telecommunication services in the global communication system in Ventspils are provided by Lattelecom, Latvijas Mobilais Telefons, Tele2 and Bite Latvija. Telekom Baltija (Triatel) offers also wireless technologies – CDMA communication with high quality of communication, data volume and confidentiality.

Ventspils Digital Center (VDC) – an institution of the Ventspils City municipality that manages and develops the city’s optical data transmission network covering the major industrial zones and providing data transmission speed with capacity up to 40Gbit/s. A modular data center with access to a full range of data center services has been created in VDC. The services range from customer-owned hardware operation to maintenance of virtual services and sophisticated information systems. 

Water Supply and Sewerage

The industrial objects of Ventspils can join the centralized water and sewerage system of the city.

The water supply in Ventspils is provided by underground artesian wells. Water quality testing is also carried out in the city. A new, ecological complex that works in accordance with the EU standards purifies the wastewater of holdings and industrial objects.

The bacteriological composition of water after the treatment is fully consistent with EU quality requirements and even exceeds them. Water supply and sewerage services in Ventspils are provided by the company Ūdeka.

Gas supply

The following gas resources are available for manufacturing processes in Ventspils:

  • liquid petroleum gas (LPG, i.e. propane and propane-butane). Suppliers: SIA Latvijas propāna gāze and SIA InterGaz;
  • industrial gas from various suppliers, including the leading industrial and medical gasses company AGA;
  • liquid natural gas (LNG)] Supplier: SIA JetGas.


Effective and modern energy producing technologies with biomass fuels have been introduced in the city. These technologies allow optimizing the heat production costs and implementing environmentally friendly heat production.

Several industrial areas of Ventspils can access the centralized heat supply. This service is already available for the Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP) and other industrial areas. It is much cheaper than the heat supply from locally constructed heat sources.

The heat supply is provided by 2 centralized heating systems. The centralized heating service is provided by Ventspils siltums

Businesses currently in Freeport of Ventspils

candle manufacture;
large complex structures and fiberglass industrial facilities;