SOL opens new route between Latvia, Belgium and the UK


Gothenburg, 22th December 2016  – Swedish Orient Line announced today that it will open a new route between Ventpils (Latvia), Zeebrugge (Belgium) and Tilbury (UK). The new route expands SOL’s activities from its hub in Zeebrugge. Furthermore the service to Ventspils will also be connected via P&O to Teesport and Hull. This way, clients get the possibility to ship their goods from Ventpils to and from Hull and Teesport.

“From the end of January SOL offers a weekly RoRo service between Ventspils, Zeebrugge and Tilbury”, says Ragnar Johansson, Managing Director, Svenska Orient Linien AB. “In our existing service on North Finland we have one sailing across the channel from Zeebrugge to Tilbury and vice versa. Along with the new route, SOL adds a second crossing to this service as well“, says Johansson

Cargo types on the new route will be trailers, containers and other rolling cargo as well as Break-bulk cargo loaded on rolltrailers. The new route shows that SOL will continually offer a convenient, frequent and fast transport services to its customers and will further increase its level of service on existing routes to the benefit of its customers.