Kustes Dambis 30A Building No.1

Land lot and location
  • Area of the land lot: 1,7 ha
  • Public parking available (for workers) near by the land lot
  • Availability of public transport
  • Distances: to city centre 5 km, to the universal ferry/container terminal 4 km, to E22 motorway Ventspils  - Riga 1,4 km
  • Availability of SEZ status
Technical information on premises
  • Area of premises: 7300 m2, incl.:
    • production area: 6450 m2,
    •  office area: 565 m2,
    • auxiliary area: 285 m2.
  • Free height in the production area: 6m
  • Possible load on bottom in production area: 4t/m²
  • Available electric power: 3000 kW; 2x1600 kVA
  • City district heating
Costs and rental conditions
  • Rental price of premises: 3,33 EUR/m2/month + VAT,
  • Land lease: 0,5% from cadastral value per year (~0,022 EUR/m2/year)
  • Utility costs – tenant has to conclude direct service agreements with respective utility service providers