Maritime Support Service

Maritime Support Service is responsible for water in the port and fairway compliance with the designed depth, their development, as well as aids to navigation in the port, the sea and the coast.

Harbor Master

Gunars Truksans
Phone: (+371) 63623324

Head of Maritime Support Service  

Normunds Kornijanovs
Phone: (+371) 63607500


Measurement Group

Measuring, trawling and dredging works for the development and maintenance of the port channel, basin and berths; service equipment hardware upgrades; hydrographic data processing and analysis; dredge Dzelme and boat Skauts, as well as other subcontracted organization fleet management port dredging works.

Equipment Maintenance Group

Shore and floating navigation equipment maintenance ā€“ operation, maintenance, technical control and performance analysis.

Hopper dredger

Hopper dredger Dzelme performs the port water area and depth of the shipping channel maintenance works.

Ships "Skauts" and "Neptūns"

Performs Ventspils port basin depth control.