Eurohome Latvia

general cargo;
dry bulk cargo;
ferrous metals;
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Eurohome Latvija Co., Ltd. specializes in general cargo, bulk cargo, i.e., the cargo handling of cost iron, iron ore, grain, raw sugar, sulfur, rubble, wood pellets, woodchips, metal, iron alloy, non-ferrous metal, timber, food, containers, as well as project of heavy goods and bulky cargo.

Handling capacity Handling capacity from 10,000 to 20,000 t daily, it depends from the cargo type.
Cargo storage

Terminal area for unloading - 22,000 m2

  • area for unloading next to the berth - 80,000 t;
  • in the adjacent territory (Fabrikas Street 6C) - 50,000 t.
Cargo deadweight DWT

PANAMAX type vessels up to 80,000 t

  • maximum of draft is 14,2 m;
  • length of vessel is 240 m;
  • the total length of a berth is 321 metres, it is possible to accept two smaller vessels or one large for processing at the same time.


Address: 6C Fabrikas Street, Ventspils, LV-3601, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 29143794
E-mail: [email protected]