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acrylic nitrile;
liquid ammonia;
white oil products;
Starting Year: 

VK Terminal Services Co., Ltd. (until 26.07.2018 known as Ventamonjaks Co., Ltd.) was established at the end of 2006 by re-organisation of JSC Ventamonjaks (current naming is Ventamonjaks Co., Ltd.) which is a long-term transit service provider of liquid chemical and petroleum products in the Freeport of Ventspils.

VK Terminal Services provides a wide range of services to many terminals and production units (Ventamonjaks, Ventall Termināls, Vars, Bio-Venta) of the port of Ventspils:

  • unloading and storage of liquid ammonia, petroleum and chemical products in the shore reservoirs;
  • assembling and loading groupage cargo into the tanker vessels;
  • control of product quality and quantity, preparation of documentation and other services.

Services provided to terminals also include maintenance and repair of technological, mechanical, electrical, communications, water supply, heating, sewerage and measuring equipment, provision of energy resources, fire safety monitoring, physical security, laboratory testing services in cargo handling processes, etc.

The company's continuous work allows it to process up to 250 tankers daily and to attend ships with a cargo deadweight of up to 120,000 tons (up to 250 m long, 47 m wide) at three deepwater berths. 

VK Terminal Services employs more than 300 highly qualified employees with an experience of many years, besides VK Terminal Services uses EU funds for the ongoing professional training of its staff. 

Handling capacity

Maximum product handling of the attended terminals per year:

  • liquid ammonia - 1,200,000 t;
  • light petroleum products - 2,000,000 t;
  • acrylic nitrile - 200,000 t.

Biodiesel, the maximum annual turnover of its production raw materials and by-products is up to 150,000 t.

The maximum loading speed in the berths attended by VK Terminal Services is:

  • on berth 34  250 m3/h for acrylonitrile and 570 m3/h for biodiesel;
  • on berth 35A  2,000 m3/h for petroleum products;
  • on berth 36  2,000 m3/h for petroleum products and 1,200 m3/h for liquid ammonia.
Cargo storage

VK Terminal Services ensures cargo storage operations in the reservoir parks owned by Ventamonjaks, Ventall Termināls and VARS.

On the basis of mutually concluded contracts, the storage of Bio - Venta raw materials, by-products and finished products are ensured in the reservoir park, which consists of 12 reservoirs (8 x 1,000 m3 - stainless steel reservoirs, others  steel reservoirs 2 x 2,000 m3 and 4 x 3,000 m3). All reservoirs are ensured with a heating system and agitators.

For the technical needs of the clients attended by VK Terminal Services nitrogen is being produced in containers with a total tonnage of 750 m3/h and stored 36,000 m3.
Cargo deadweight DWT

Up to 120,000 DWT

3 deepwater berths
Railway Processes up to 250 tankers daily


Main values of the company: Development. Liability. Safety. Co-operation.

Quality system:

VK Terminal Services has implemented and has been operating an integrated quality and environmental management system for 20 years, which meets the requirements of two international standards: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Certification of integrated quality and environmental management systems covers the main areas of the company: Accepting, storing and loading of liquid cargo, including ammonia, petroleum and chemical products infrastructure attendance and performance of technical processes. Rendering of labour protection services. By maintaining and improving the integrated management system, VK Terminal Services announces itself as a company where its administration and staff:  

  • implements appropriate policy and goals of quality, environment and energy efficiency;  
  • keeps in mind sustainable development of the company;  
  • seeks to increase competitiveness of the company;  
  • takes care of the quality of petroleum and chemical product transshipment services and maintenance of the relevant infrastructure, Customer satisfaction with the services provided;  
  • ensures the compliance of its activities with the requirements of environmental regulatory enactments and the company's progress towards continuous improvement of performance in the field of environment protection and rational use of natural resources;  
  • purposefully reduces the company's occupational health and safety risks.  

Environment protection  

VK Terminal Services in it's action bares in mind the issues of ecology and environment. In the territory of the company advanced technologies are being operated with the help of the management and control systems that provide safe acceptance, storing and unloading of the chemical and petroleum products. In accordance with Latvian legislation for the protection of environment and employees an environmental monitoring system has been developed. Monitoring, internal and external audits, control of the process and supervision are being made. An accredited laboratory in accordance with LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard performs systematic monitoring of the environment and measures are taken to reduce the impact on the environment.

Energy efficiency  

In accordance with the Energy Efficiency Law, VK Terminal Services is a large energy consumer, which has an obligation to implement and maintain certified energy management system. The energy management system of the company is integrated according to the international ISO 14001:2015 standard and it corresponds with the requirements of the standard.  

VK Terminal Services complies with the requirements of regulatory enactments related to energy management and strives to continuously improve the energy efficiency of the company's operations, including ensuring the availability of information and setting energy efficiency as one of the main priorities in the process of purchasing new equipment and investment projects. In accordance with the energy management system, VK Terminal Services shall regularly implement energy efficiency improvement measures with the highest estimated energy savings or economic returns. VK Terminal Services promotes the awareness of energy efficiency policy among its employees and the involvement of employees in its implementation.  



Address: 66 Dzintaru Street, Ventspils, LV-3602, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 63663195
Fax: (+371) 63680105
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