Renewable energy park service centre planned in Ventspils Northern Port


This year, development of a study on the best solution for servicing offshore wind farms and related infrastructure in the Port of Ventspils is planned, which will also include modelling of a new terminal in the Ventspils Northern Port. This is one of the steps in a long-term strategy to develop a renewable energy production and maintenance service in the Port of Ventspils.

In the foreseeable future, the Port of Ventspils could become a major hub for renewable energy production and servicing, with the potential to build a wind farm service centre, solar energy production and participation in the development of the hydrogen economy, as well as other activities in line with the European Union's climate goals and energy independence.

Deputy CEO of the Freeport of Ventspils, Head of Marketing and Development Igors Udodovs: "The European Green Deal policy package and the move towards climate neutrality are increasingly encouraging renewable energy producers into our region. Several offshore wind farms are planned for the Baltic Sea in the immediate vicinity of Ventspils, but they require a port for service both during the construction and operation. Several solar parks are currently being planned in the port's industrial zone, which could provide the basis for the production and export of green fuels through the port in the future. Ventspils has the potential to become a major renewable energy hub, and we are determined to make it happen."

Ventspils is geographically well suited for both servicing wind farms and creation of solar parks, therefore, negotiation has commenced with the park developers about possible cooperation. In order to find the most optimal solution for servicing the offshore wind farms and related infrastructure in the Port of Ventspils, including assessment of the existing infrastructure and its capabilities and modelling the development of the necessary infrastructure in the Northern Port, the Freeport of Ventspils Authority has announced an open tender for the study "Assessment of the Port of Ventspils Capabilities for Servicing the Offshore Wind Farms and Related Infrastructure".

In 2022, the Freeport of Ventspils Authority signed contracts for the construction of four solar parks in the freeport's industrial area. Several entrepreneurs are also planning to install solar power plants, both for self-consumption and for sale on the market. Sufficient production of this energy is important not only for the production of electricity, but also of green hydrogen and further e-methanol, which is expected to play a future energy role in the transition away from fossil fuels and the reduction of CO2 emissions. In addition, the hydrogen produced can be exported through the port.

Ventspils is a deep-water port with infrastructure suitable to handle different types of cargoes. This, combined with the region's natural windiness and consequently the highest number of sunny days in Latvia annually, makes Ventspils perfectly suited for the development of a renewable energy production and service hub.