ARBO Windows

Country of origin: 
Business Sector: 
solid wood window and door manufacture
Starting Year: 

ARBO Windows is a huge powerful production of wooden windows, doors, folding and sliding, wood-glazed facades and other structures made of wood, and the production of the double-glazed windows. The company is equipped with Baltics advanced production equipment and technologies. Highly qualified and competent personnel, with the many years’ experience in the wood and glass industry, are manufactured high quality products.

Finished products are exporting to the UK, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, as well as a significant part of the production is sold on the Latvian markets.


Sales manager of the ARBO Windows Vjačeslavs Kolosovs:

–         We have chosen Ventspils as our home. Wonderful infrastructure of the Ventspils city, a nearby port, ferry traffic, availability of labor, as well as support of the Ventspils Freeport and the provided offices for production make our work much easier.

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