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biodiesel production;
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Bio-Venta Ltd. is the biggest biodiesel production and transshipment complex in the Baltic States with the total investment of 77 million Euros. The company employs 57 people. The production unit complex consists of a rapeseed and rapeseed cake storage and handling complex, rapeseed oil pressing mill, biodiesel production shop and biodiesel handling complex. The company provides specific liquid freight storage and handling services. The capacity of biodiesel production is 100 000 tons per year. Most of the production gets exported mainly to Scandinavia. 


Adress: 21F Ziemelu Str., Ventspils, LV-3602, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 63620870
Fax: (+371) 63620869
E-mail: [email protected]


Egils Staris, Chair of Board, SIA Bio-Venta:

–         Location within the territory of Ventspils Free Port and the available infrastructure are some of the competitive advantages of SIA Bio-Venta, if compared to similar producers.

Selecting the correct location was essential for realisation of the biodiesel plant project — SIA Bio-Venta is in the middle of material flow from the East to Amsterdam–Rotterdam–Antwerp (ARA) ports now and thus closer to our target markets in the Baltics and Scandinavia than other biodiesel producers from the Western Europe. Access to port berths and rail and road access ensure one of the major elements in biodiesel production business, i.e. flexible logistics of materials and production.

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