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Business Sector: 
biodiesel production
Starting Year: 
Bio-Venta Ltd. is the biggest biodiesel production and transshipment complex in the Baltic States with the total investment of 77 million Euros. The company employs 57 people. The production unit complex consists of a rapeseed and rapeseed cake storage and handling complex, rapeseed oil pressing mill, biodiesel production shop and biodiesel handling complex. The company provides specific liquid freight storage and handling services. The capacity of biodiesel production is 100 000 tons per year. Most of the production gets exported mainly to Scandinavia.

The Chairman of the Board of Bio-Venta Arnis Janvars:

–         Bio-Venta chose Ventspils as its home because here it is located in the immediate vicinity of the port. Thanks to the municipality and the Freeport of Ventspils we can use the great public infrastructure. Bio-Venta has also received a license to operate in the special economic zone.

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