FROLI Baltic

Country of origin: 
Business Sector: 
polyurethane manufacturing and sewing services for industrial customers;
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Froli Baltic Ltd. is a subsidiary of the German family-owned company Froli GmbH & Co. KG. Froli Baltic manufactures various types of polyurethane (PUR) foam products for medical, rehabilitation, furniture, automotive and other industries. The company offers a range of approximately 200 self-developed and customer-exclusive polyurethane components. In collaboration with the parent company in Germany, services such as mould making, pressure casting and thermoforming are also provided.

Froli Baltic's sewing team specialises in manufacturing mattress covers for campervans and mobile homes. The sewing workshop's equipment and the expertise of its employees enable the provision of diverse serial sewing services to business clients, including design and cutting.

The products manufactured in Ventspils are characterised by high quality and are primarily exported to Germany and Denmark.



Adress: 6 Kustes dambis, Ventspils, LV-3601, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 63634500
Fax: (+371) 63634519
E-mail: [email protected]


Member of the Board of Froli Baltic Margret Fromme-Ruthmann.

–         Margret Fromme-Ruthmann on the city of Ventspils: “We know the city of Ventspils now since over 18 years. For us and the team of Froli the city is like a pearl by the sea. The people are open-minded, tolerant, interested and friendly. It always impresses us how the city is investing in new social, cultural and economic sites and organizations. Every time we come here, we feel the positive energy and it’s like we’re visiting friends.”

And on the Froli Baltic team: “What is commendable is not only the level of education of the local workers, but also the fact that every one of them is ready to receive educational training, to learn, to acquire new skills and, most importantly – let themselves be taught. Some of the skills have to be learnt on the spot - production and processes change, therefore the workers need new skills and competences. The training in collaboration with the German colleagues is taking place both here and in Germany. We are very proud of the team and pleased with how honestly and thoroughly they are doing their jobs.

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