Access road reconstruction going on in 15 objects this year

Project Access Roads to Terminals and Industrial Areas at the Freeport of Ventspils , which implementation was started in 2010 and will be completed by the end of this year, allowed not only to improve the infrastructure of port and industrial areas, but also made convenient environment for the inhabitants of the city.

Due to the project, in five year time totally 40 streets and places of the city are arranged and landscaped, that at the same time are access roads of port terminals or industrial areas. The eligible costs of these purposes run into 35.9 million Euro, from which 30.5 million Euro is EU Cohesion Fund co-financing. This year work goes on in 15 objects. The largest reconstructed objects since the last year in the city was Celtnieku street and Kustes road.

Celtnieku street after its reconstruction throughout its length – 1411 m, from Talsu street till Siguldas street - has changed beyond recognition. There are installed new bituminous concrete on the public roads, constructed beautiful sidewalks, bicycle paths and parking lots from the cobblestone, as well as a new water main, rain and municipal drainage are built up, partly restored street lighting and planted trees. Reconstruction of Celtnieku street started in 2014.

Sweeping changes are seen also on Kustes road, that has been reconstructed from Fabrikas street till the city’s administrative border and Robežu street, between Kustes road and Mičurina street. Works were carried out on the 2220 meters. Bituminous concrete cover design is fully reconstructed on Kustes road, from cobblestones new pedestrian and bicycle paths are constructed, new drainage and new rain sewerage is installed, as well as water main connections are made. After reconstruction Kustes road and Robežu street has changed and crossroad became much safer, but along the way to the administrative border of the city, trees have been planted.

Reconstruction of Lielais prospekts, between Lāčplēša street and Brīvības street in length of 510 m, started last year. After restoring the wearing course asphalt surface it improved the bearing capacity of the road. The project also included reconstruction of the bridge over Vidumupīte. Here the construction work is done and documents are submitted for the exploitation approval of the object. At the same stage is the area at 40A terminal, totalling 6900 m2. At the time of reconstruction there is installed a new surface from cobblestones, lightning and rain sewerage.

Construction work at Lielais prospekts started this year. Throughout of the length of 293 meters from Aleksandra street and Kuldīgas street surface load carrying capacity is improved. Whereas, at the half kilometer long stage from Saules street till Poruka street, in parallel of these works, has been installed new water main and reconstructed water main junction. In crossroad with Katoļu street are placed new traffic lights, so now this crossroad has become safer.

Outstanding changes occurred on Inženieru street. From Dzeņu street till Katoļu street asphalted surface is changed to cobblestones, bicycle road and branch from the water main and sewerage, also rain sewerage is constructed. Whereas, from Kuldīgas street till Pļavas street, road surface is consolidated and asphalt is partly changed to cobblestones.

Much safer and easier for drivers, pedestrians and the inhabitants became Jekaba street, where, throughout the length of 568 m, between Ganību and Bebru street, the asphalt is changed to cobblestones. After construction of water main and sewerage to the street inhabitants now are available qualitative water supply and sewerage services, but in the dark hours of the day they can assess the lightning. New bituminous concrete surface, pedestrian and bicycle paths are constructed on the stage of 577 meters, in the length of the Ganību street from real property no. 107 till the Ventspils airport.

This year new branch with bituminous concrete surface in the length of 100 meters linked Dzelzceļnieku street with Kustes road. Freeport of Ventspils Authority develops necessary infrastructure for the current and potential industrial factories – constructing pavements and parking lots, water mains and sewerages, and lightning. For convenience of the current and prospective industrial area companies Freeport of Ventspils Authority also landscaped Rūpniecības street 24a, constructing new cobblestone surface, pavement, bicycle path, parking lot, water main, sewerage and lightning. Due to the project, new access roads are made near the company Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic and  near the manufacturing depot of the construction company Ostas celtnieks.

New access road with cobblestone surface also  is constructed near the object on Fabrikas street 12. There also is constructed rain sewerage and water main. Reconstruction works continue in two objects – Brīvības street (between Lielais prospekts and Latgales street) and Kroņu street (between Vasarnīcu and Loču street). In both objects will be fully reconstructed road surface constructions, constructed new pedestrian and bicycle paths, reconstructed or built up new communications, and renewed lightning.

Access roads reconstruction for terminals and industrial areas at the Freeport of Ventspils, no. DP/ realization commenced in 2010, but all work completion is planned before the end of 2015. The total eligible costs of the project approximately is 35.9 million Euro, of which 30.5 million Euro are the EU funds co-financing.