Cargo turnover in Freeport of Ventspils reached 19 million tonnes

During the first eight months of 2014, the cargo turnover at the Ventspils Freeport has reached 19 million tonnes,- as it was reported by Mr Aivars Lembergs, the Chairman of the Board at the Freeport of Ventspils.

ā€œAlthough a number of Ventspils port terminals are stable and even increasing cargo turnover, unfortunately, sanctions against Russia dropped dramatically affect the coal transit leaky Ventspils port. This means that Freeport loses 500 thousand euros per month of which 10% loses state and 10% loses local government," says A.Lembergs.

Freeport of Ventspils Authority continues actively developing the port infrastructure. February this year the new dry bulk terminal at the Freeport was opened. In 2014 Ventspils port infrastructure investments planned for 37.2 million euros, including 15.1 million euro from the European Union Cohesion Fund. Construction of Berth No.12 accommodating a new general cargo terminal, and dismantling of Mooring No. 1 shall be continued to increase cargo turnover. New construction and reconstruction of access roads to terminal and industrial sites located within the Freeport of Ventspils shall also be continued. This year the reconstruction of the berth for the fleet of the Freeport of Ventspils Authority, repair of the protective wall at the Northern breakwater and underwater part of Berth No.34 is scheduled.

Continuing to develope an industrial sector  construction of two new industrial buildings has started -Electronics Centre and Technology Centre  co-financed by EU funds. Soon it is planned to complete the new construction of ā€žHydraulic Bauteile Balticā€ plant for the production of hydraulic couplings.

Compared to the previous year, four out of ten terminals at the Freeport of Ventspils have increased cargo turnover in first eight months in 2014. The following account for an increase: SIA Ventspils Nafta termināls 7%, AS Kālija parks 52%, SIA Ventamonjaks serviss 21%. A small increase also showed SIA Noord Natie Ventspils Terminals. The positive trend shows data on this terminal served by ferry lines. The number of passengers Stena Line line to Nynashamn, Sweden, increased by 28%, but cargos ā€“ by 26%, and number of passengers of ferry line to Travemunde, Germany,  increased by 52%.

A drop in cargo turnover was at AS Ventbunkers - 36%, AS Ventspils tirdzniecÄ«bas osta - 32%,  SIA Ventall Termināls - 38%, AS Baltic Coal Terminal - 8% un SIA Ventplac - 23%.