Concluded contract on renovation of Northern Pier


Next year will commence in the Freeport of Ventspils with the all-time most extensive renovation of the port’s largest hydrostructure – Northern Pier, which is planned to last for nearly two years and which will be executed by the JSC (AS) BMGS.

Northern Pier is one of the strategically most important port’s hydrostructures – dam one and a half kilometre long, stretching from land into the sea and protecting the port from waves, ice and silts. Unlike Southern Pier, which is one of the most popular walkways of the residents of Ventspils and guests of the city, Northern Pier is a restricted territory, since handling of cargoes is in progress nearby.

The most important planned works are: addition of the pier tetrapods and concrete massifs, making of the pier wall facades airtight, strengthening of the pier body, dismantling of the technological pipeline channel and building of a new carriageway. All construction works must be completed within 20 months.

The JSC (AS) BMGS won the open procurement for the renovation of pier, and amount of the construction works contract is 12.86 million euro. The company has vast experience in construction and renovation of hydrostructures at many ports, including the Port of Ventspils.