Construction of new industrial buildings


In order to enhance the production processes, attract investors and support the creation of new jobs, new buildings are being constructed in the industrial zone of the premises of the Freeport of Ventspils.

This weekend a time capsule will be built into a wall of building No. 7 of the Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP) containing a message for future generations. Along with this object, the building No. 6 is also being constructed, for which the foundation work has already been completed and surface-level construction works are continuing. Construction of another new building has also commenced at GanÄ«bu iela 103.

VHTP building No. 6, the total area will be 6000 sq. m. Construction works will commence in March this year and they are planned to be completed during the first half of the upcoming year. Since the designing stage of the building, construction works are carried out in accordance with the needs of the future tenant. The company Immer Digital, which produces modern food product packaging, will be operating here.

Whereas, foundation works are currently in process at the construction area at GanÄ«bu iela 103. Here an industrial building with an area of 4100 sq. m is being built. Construction works began in June this year and will be finished during the second half of the upcoming year. Even though the practice of the Freeport of Ventspils Authority is to construct industrial buildings by following the requirements of the future tenant, the buildings are sufficiently universal to be adjusted for different types of manufacturing processes.