IMMER Digital is working innovatively


Nowadays, care for the environment is much more important than ever before, and it makes us think different. The increasing population on Earth also increases the consumption of resources, including food. The flexible packaging manufacturer in Ventspils – IMMER Digital – produces innovative packaging and is ready to introduce the newest technologies that have not been used anywhere else.

The evolution of the packaging

Because of the environmental changes and efforts in eliminating the effect of greenhouse gases, the whole world is gradually switching to packaging that can be recycled and used again, tells the IMMER Digital Production Manager Dāvids Grāveris. In accordance with the latest EU regulation by the year 2030 all of the packaging, including packaging produced from polymers, must be recyclable. These requirements apply to all packaging producers, including IMMER Group companies. The company is not intimidated by the new regulation of the European Union because since the beginning of the company it has always focused on ecological, recyclable and reusable packaging. The company is responsibly separating waste: PVC film, cardboard and municipal waste. “The whole world's climate is going to benefit from the new regulation,” Grāveris is certain.

The evolution of packaging material has developed rapidly in a relatively short period of time. People can make sure of this just by looking at the recent past. Previously popular packaging, such as cardboard, glass bottles and tin is no longer rational because these materials cannot be used to its full potential. These materials have been replaced by flexible packaging that is accurately calculated for a particular amount of the product. The packaging itself does not weight anything. An accurate choice of the size and shape for the packaging, an option to close the packaging again helps consumers to reduce food waste three times, ensuring a proper use of the product and protecting it from spoiling.

Comparing the pictures of the stores from the 80s and 90s to nowadays, the difference is very noticeable. 20 to 30 years ago there were only about seven packaging designs but today the technology of flexible packaging allows us to produce packaging that has a vast variety in shape and design.

The product speaks for itself

The specialists of IMMER Group have their fingers on the pulse when talking about world trends in the technological development of packaging material. Recently Dāvids Grāveris visited a conference in Germany of European Rotogravure Association (ERA). IMMER Group is a member of this association and the president and owner of this company, Irina Mirochnik, is a member of the Association Board. The main focus of this conference was the newest trends and technologies of the industry. One of the most recent trends is packaging that resembles a natural fabric or paper when being touched, at the same time providing protection for the product. Such types of packaging material are already being manufactured in Ventspils and it is in high demand for the packaging of spices, coffee and other products. “Only recently the main criteria for packaging were its appearance, but now the feeling of touch is also important,” Grāveris Notes.

Moreover, it seems unlikely, but nowadays the product with the help of the packaging can tell about itself. A customer can listen to an audio recording telling about the material of the packaging or watch a video just by scanning the barcode and using a special attachment on the mobile phone. It only requires the customer to download the application on the mobile phone. “That way modern packaging reaches three sensory organs: vision, touch and hearing,” Grāveris tells.

Money made of flexible material

The flexible material is entering the global market and rapidly expanding and increasing its popularity. Nowadays, even money, in such countries as Canada, Switzerland, Romania, New Zeland and others, is no longer printed on paper but on flexible packaging material! This was one of the main topics at the conference in Germany. Eve Britain is promising to start printing money on flexible material over the next ten years.

Another new trend in the manufacturing of flexible material, particularly popular in Asian countries, is mini-packages or packaging for one portion of the product. Particularly, it is appearing in the fast food restaurants where demands after small portions of food in packages are increasing. “This trend opens up more opportunities for all packaging manufactures,” Grāveris is certain. Europe will likely not be able to abandon the old habit of buying products in bulk and in large packaging that can last longer. This means that, with the increasing demand for mini-packaging, the demand for larger size packaging will remain.

Competitive wages and social security

Currently, there are 58 people working at IMMER Digital, including the office in Riga. The production unit is working in three shifts. Currently, there are seven job vacancies available, including laboratory assistant which is responsible for quality, operator, and chief manager. There is currently a procurement of equipment happening at various stages and it indicates that IMMER Digital will continue to recruit new professionals. A job in IMMER Digital means competitive wage and social security. The average gross wage in February was 1100 euro.

Safety is the main priority

IMMER Digital is constantly following the requirements for the safe working environment. Last month, the company repeatedly received AIB International Certificate which is recognized in the USA and Europe and confirm the highest compliance with the standards of hygiene in the food sector. The field of the packaging manufacturing has the strictest requirements concerning hygiene. This year IMMER Digital repeatedly received similar BRC certificate that applies only to Europe.

Having international certificates guarantees the safety of products. Certificates not only ascertain the proper protection of products but also a safe working environment and strict hygiene requirements for employees, working in production. IMMER digital clients and world-wide known brands require compliance with world safety certificates. “We have proven that we are a high-lever manufacturer that complies with the highest world standards,” tells the Production Manager. International certificates require such details as changing shoes and clothes, correct utilization of municipal and industrial waste. “If we are a factory, but we are a clean and safe working environment for our employees and environment,” Grāveris says.

Certificates also help to organize the internal workings of the company, because they require maximum transparency for every raw material, every technological operation until the final product. Dāvids Grāveris is certain that well-organized work, required personal and production hygiene changes the mind-sets of employees.

Plans for the future

IMMER Digital have great plans for the near future. The company is planning to double the production volume in 2018 and set up additional production equipment. Thus it is planned to increase the volume of sales – up to 4 million euro per year. Ventspils Freeport Authority is going to build a second production unit for the needs of IMMER Digital. The owner and President of IMMER Group, Irina Mirochnik, is investing 3 million into the second round of production of IMMER Digital but the total amount of investments, including investments from European Funds and International Finance Corporation, are 11.5 million euro. It is planned to raise the number of employees to 200.

“The packaging material manufacturing technologies that will be introduced in Ventspils, are not present anywhere else in the world,” Grāveris tells. These innovative technologies will be environment and human-friendly that will comply with the highest safety standards and EU regulatory requirements.

IMMER Digital today:

  • 58 employees
  • Work organized in three shifts
  • Average gross wage is 1100 euro per month
  • Sales volume – up to 4million euro
  • Corresponding with world standards

The company is planning to implement new technologies that have not been used before anywhere in the world.

Innovative, flexible packaging made in Ventspils. 

IMMER Digital is focusing on ecological packaging, accents the Production Manager, Dāvis Grāveris.