Journalists from Chinese radio CNR visited Ventspils


At the end of last week, 30 August, Ventspils Freeport Authority hosted a journalist form China National Radio (CNR) to become acquainted with Ventspils port and its cooperation with China as a part of One Belt One Road initiative.

This year the initiative One Belt One Road is celebrating its fifth anniversary. In honour of this anniversary, the China National Radio who has an audience of 700 million listeners, arrived in Latvia at the end of August to meet and interview the entrepreneurs and organizations of Latvia, including Ventspils Freeport Authority, and to reflect the most successful examples of the cooperation between Latvia and China. The journalists of China National Radio chose Ventspils port as the only one of Latvian ports to visit and met the Chief Executive Officer of Ventspils Freeport Imants Sarmulis and the Deputy Executive Officer of Ventspils Freeport Guntis Drunka to learn about the port of Ventspils, port services and existing cooperation with China. After the interview, the Chinese journalists went on a boat ride with our tour ship Hercogs Jńďkabs to get a broader view on the city from the river Venta. In honour of the initiative‚Äôs anniversary, China National Radio is going to broadcast several stories about Latvia and its cooperation with China, including Ventspils and the port of Ventspils participating in the One Belt One Road initiative.

China‚Äôs New Silk Road initiative ‚Äď One Belt One Road (OBOR) ‚Äď is focused on developing the connectivity and cooperation in the continent of Eurasia. In March 2015, The Chinese party draw up a comprehensive document for the implementation of this initiative which aims to promote the cooperation between European, Asian and African countries in a wild range of industries and fields.