Municipal vehicle manufacturer Bucher Municipal continues to expand


Bucher Municipal, a subsidiary company of the Swiss concern Bucher Industries, has commissioned an extension of an industrial building at Ganību iela 105 with an approximate area of 3000 m2. A shelter for the goods receiving warehouse with an area of 450 m2 is currently under construction and is expected to be commissioned in approximately a month.

Production has increased more than five times!

Since establishing the subsidiary Bucher Municipal of the Swiss concern Bucher Industries in Ventspils in 2005 (then it was called Bucher Schoerling Baltic), it has been constantly growing and expanding. For more than 10 years the municipal vehicle factory is located at Ganību iela 105, and for all these years it keeps expanding its borders.

In 2007, the first assembly plant for individual parts of municipal vehicles at Ganību iela included an area of 3000 m2, however, the manufacturing of street cleaning machines under a single roof now occupies about 16 200 m2. Since 2015 in the factory in Ventspils, a full cycle assembly of several models of street cleaning, snow removal and garbage collection machines is being carried out.

All assembly lines have been moved to Ventspils

The development of the company Bucher Municipal in the recent years has involved the transfer of all assembly lines from its parent company in Switzerland, as well as some assembly lines from a factory plant in England, to Ventspils, the manufacturing of new municipal vehicle models is also being tested at the same time.

Currently 350 people are employed at the factory.