One of TOP 10 Latvian automotive companies has become recognisable in Scandinavia and Europe


The company TC Steel operates in the territory of the Freeport of Ventspils and manufactures large size containers of various volume for transportation of solid waste and bulk cargoes, as well as truck platforms for transportation of construction machinery. Products of TC Steel have become widely recognisable in the Scandinavian and European markets. The company is among ten largest automotive companies in Latvia.

The total area currently occupied by the container and truck platform production unit is approximately 5 ha. Eight years ago, the container production unit employed five people, now the number of employees is 80, and it continuously keeps growing.

Manufacture of containers and truck platforms is provided in two workshops by manufacturing smaller containers in one of them and larger containers in the other. Paintshop is currently located on leased premises, however, in November, new paintshop in the area of 2’000 m2 was launched in the company’s own territory.

Finished containers are transported to the paintshop, but after completion of paintwork they are placed on the open platforms transported to the Port of Ventspils. Here, the platforms are loaded on the ferryboat and transported to Sweden, where they are attached to trucks and delivered to clients.

Ferryboat traffic provides Scandinavian market

The company is export-oriented, and export accounts for 99% of the total sales of TC Steel products. “Geographic location of our production unit is very convenient due to the ferryboat traffic between Ventspils and Sweden. This factor opens up additional opportunities for us, while working on the Scandinavian market,” points out Mr. Sergejs Timošuks, Chairman of the Board of the LLC (SIA) TC Steel. Sweden and Norway are the main markets of bulk cargoes, including waste, large size containers and truck platforms.

TOP 5 company in the Baltic States!

Recently published macroeconomics review of the Bank of Latvia contained analysis of the automotive industry in Latvia and names of ten largest companies working in this industry by the growth in five years (2013–2017). Ventspils company TC Steel with last year’s turnover of 4.8 million euro is among ten largest enterprises. This represents 1.2 million euro or 34% above the indicator of 2013. Mr. Timošuks points out that the Ventspils company has no equal ones in Latvia in the segment of manufacture of large size containers, while it is among five largest companies on Baltic scale. Nearest competitors of the manufacturers of Ventspils are located in Estonia, and they are the ones satisfying demand for large size containers in Finland.