Polycarbonate films to be produced in Ventspils


On 22 November 2019 in Ventspils at the newest construction site within the industrial area of the airport at Ganību Street 103, a time capsule was walled into the foundation of the future production building during a festive ceremony. A contract has been entered into on the lease of the building with the company Ultraplast EU, which will be able to start work in only one year in Ventspils.

Aivars Lembergs, the Chairperson of the Freeport of Ventspils, congratulated the owners of the company Ultraplast EU during the event and expressed best wishes for its future successful business development. Julia Chernova (Jūlija Černova), the Chairperson of the company whose production unit is located in Byelorussia, stated that the port’s vicinity provides good logistics possibilities and the opportunity offered by the Freeport authority to lease a building perfectly suited to production contributed to the decision in favour of the expansion project in Ventspils.

Julia Chernova (Jūlija Černova), Chairperson of Ultraplast EU Ltd.: “We plan to establish the production unit for polycarbonate films in Ventspils with a wide production range. Our entire technology is based on the newest and most progressive analogues in the world. Our production unit is ecologically clean and does not pollute the environment. A similar production unit in Byelorussia does not even pay ecology tax, because it does not emit harmful emissions. We will be happy to welcome inhabitants of Ventspils as employees of our company. We hope for strong support from the Freeport Authority of Ventspils. For our part, we are sure that we will be a positive force in Ventspils and Latvia. Our analogical production unit in Byelorussia has already been in operation six years. We are developing and selling production for export. Opening of the production unit in Latvia represents the continuation of our business. We have been looking for a site for our new production unit for a rather long time. Ventspils attracted us thanks to its port, convenient logistics and the good terms and conditions offered by the Freeport Authority of Ventspils. We are satisfied with the possibility to lease the production building on a long-term basis, because we intend to invest heavily in the purchase of equipment. The discounts provided by the free economic area of the port of Ventspils are also attractive for us. This is a great advantage that will allow us to broaden the geography of our deliveries.”

Ultraplast EU Ltd. will establish a polycarbonate film production unit in Ventspils. The company plans to produce 1,200 tonnes of production per year in the first stage, and 5,000 tonnes of production per year at full capacity. This production is destined for the European market. Initially, 10 workplaces are planned, but that number will grow to 45-50 new workplaces once full capacity is reached. Thanks to its plans to invest up to EUR 12 million in equipment, Ultraplast EU Ltd. has also supplemented the number of those undertakings which will be able to take advantage of the special economic area.

The production building of 4,100 square metres at Ganību Street 103 is one of three production buildings which are built in the industrial territory of the Freeport of Ventspils according to the order of the Freeport of Ventspils. The future building will be located in the industrial area of the airport of Ventspils, where companies such as Malmar Sheet Metal and Bucher Municipal are already operating.

Since 2002 in the industrial territory of the Freeport of Ventspils, 9 production buildings have been built according to the order of the Freeport of Ventspils, and more than 20 production companies have been attracted to the Freeport of Ventspils, which has created more than 1,700 new workplaces. Now the results of the processing industry in Ventspils are the highest in Latvia, cementing a permanent place for Ventspils amongst industrial centres in the region.