Ten years of persistent development


The German company Hidraulik Bauteile GmbH has significantly expanded the scope of his subsidiary since its launch ten years ago in the industrial area of Ventspils Freeport. Initially, it was a company that produced hydraulic parts for Bucher Municipal municipal vehicles.

Today Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic is providing goods and service not only for the local but also for the global market.

This year it will mark ten years since the launch of the company, owned by German individual person and registered in Latvia, Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic Ltd., whose main activity is focused on the assembly of hydraulic and pneumatic parts. These parts are used in different machinery and vehicles. During all ten years, the company has been demonstrating solid growth. For example, in 2016 the company’s turnover was 1.6 million euro but last year it was about 2 million euro, says the procurator and purchasing manager Alfrēds Grieze.

The biggest consumer of Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic production is the parent company in Germany, where almost all of the assembled hydraulic output is transported to. In Latvia, the largest customer still remains the mechanical engineering company Bucher Municipal, to whom Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic delivers not only hydraulic and pneumatic components, but also other parts, while working in accordance with Kanban system that provides parts delivered at the production site and precisely on time. Thus, Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic provides to its customer warehouse services.

The company has also expanded in the local market. Last fall, it began repairing hydraulic cylinders of various lifting equipment, used in ship repair, woodworking, logging and other areas. There are a shop and repair station for local customers on Rūpniecības iela, 24. By providing cylinder repair services, the company is cooperating with local subcontractors – metalworking companies.

When looking back at the company’s history of ten years, Mr Grieze mentions the main stages of growth and development. In 2008, in leased premises on Rūpniecības iela 18, Ventspils Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic began to operate as a wholesaler of hydraulic parts and a supplier of mechanical engineering plant Bucher Municipal. Prior to this, cooperation between the owner of Hydraulik Bauteile GmbH in Germany and the Swiss group Bucher Municipal was developed.

In 2010 Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic began to supply hydraulic leads, initially for local customers. A small shop for hydraulic and pneumatic parts opened in Rūpniecības iela 18. In the year 2011 to 2012, the company began the assembly of some hydraulic parts – mainly for the parent company in Germany. By expanding the size of assembly volume, it became clear that the premises of 400 m2 had become too small. In 2012 the company began to consider building its own production unit in the leased land from Ventspils Freeport Authority. The construction was completed in 2014 but the building still needed the equipment. Alfrēds Grieze points out that besides the construction of the production unit, the contiguous territory was arranged and improved.

In January 2015, the Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic started a serial production of hydraulic leads in the new production unit which is approximately 1500 m2 large and located on Rūpniecības iela. About two years ago the, besides hydraulic leads, the company started to cut metal pipes of different length and diameter, which were ordered by the parent company. These pipes are used in agriculture, railway and other profile companies in Germany.

During the last ten years, the number of jobs in the company has increased. Even though it is still not a large company (there are only 11 employees, working in the company), the amount has doubled, comparing to 2012 and increased five times if compared to 2008. Alfrēds Grieze has been working in this company since the day one by passing the selection competition.

During these last ten years, the company has created and accustomed its own traditions. When the number of employees was lower, they were added to the employee tem of the parent company so they could celebrate Christmas together in Germany. Now, when the work collective has grown, they celebrate Christmas at home. The company Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic regularly participates in the city parade. At the beginning of August, the company and Ventspils city is always visited by the owner of the company and its delegation. They really enjoy and like our city and its celebration which reminds them of the traditional German carnivals. The parent company is located in a small town 30 km outside Hanover where they do not have such kind of celebrations.

Photo: Alfrēds Grieze is demonstrating the operation of the hydraulic press.

Photo: Ģirts Lejasmeiers is receiving goods. The received parts are being used for both the company’s needs and are distributed to sales to other customers. The parts are shipped to Ventspils from various countries such as Italy, Spain and Germany.

Photo: The warehouse manager Anda Haldimane-Trulevica is responsible for handing out and exporting goods to the customers. She does not think that her work is un-feminine. She worked as a salesperson abroad for nine years and claims she likes this job more. In the photo: Anda is assembling an order for Bucher Municipal.

Photo: The finished products – hydro leads – which are assembled after the order from the parent company. These hydro supplies are used in agriculture, railway and in other profile companies in Germany.

Under the same roof, together with the Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic production unit also operates a shop of hydraulic and other parts for local customers.