"Ventspils-Andren" – 10 years in Ventspils


In 2009, "Ventspils-Andren", manufacturer of environment-friendly large size fiberglass constructions, commenced operation in the industrial territory of the Freeport of Ventspils. Products manufactured by the company find customers not only in Scandinavian and European countries, but also in other countries around the world.

“Ventspils-Andren” is an affiliate of “Valmiera – Andren” and manufactures reservoirs, pipelines and other constructions for the use with highly corrosive chemicals. Products include also flue gas treatment systems, flue gas condensers or gas purifiers intended for the protection of the atmosphere and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Company chooses Ventspils due to the port infrastructure!

While the company’s products manufactured of in Valmiera are of usual size and transportable with cars and trucks, Ventspils is the place, where large size products, whose transportation requires relevant infrastructure, are manufactured. The company’s manager Aigars Millers praises the infrastructure of the Freeport of Ventspils: “We chose Ventspils as the place of our production unit due to the harbour infrastructure — thanks to the
ice-free harbour to service large size vessels, the company can transport large size freights (up to DN 8000) and fiberglass facilities to all countries around the world.”

The company is planning to finish two gas purifiers with the housing diameter of 5 m, which reaches 7 m at the butt-end by the end of February, and these products are to be sent to Denmark. Whereas, the orders completed last year were delivered to Finland, as well as the USA. Although the orders are mainly placed by the clients from the Scandinavian countries, finished products use to be sent also to Mexico or New Caledonia, located near Australia.

Along with the development of the company, number of employees thereof also grows.