Welcome to the Freeport of Ventspils!

The Freeport of Ventspils is transport, transit and industrial center of international significance in Latvia and the Baltic Sea region.

Advantages of ice-free deep-water port, diverse range of transport connections and logistics opportunities make us easily accessible in the EU, the CIS and towards the direction of Central Asia. 

Ventspils offers beneficial terms of cooperation, customized manufacturing infrastructure and provision of strategic resources, rich intellectual capital, scientific and educational potential, as well as an attractive city environment on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

For Investors

The status of Special Economic Zone, tax incentives, more than 700 hectares of free land available for industrial project development, integration into the TEN-T transport network, availability of skilled labor, the Freeport and the City Administration support are the basis for the establishment of new production facilities for the long-term growth in Ventspils. 

Freeport Services

Being the deepest port on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, we are able to serve the largest ships, which enter the Baltic Sea. All you need for business is available 24/7 at the Freeport of Ventspils: 12 cargo terminals of all types, 23 shipping agencies, regular ferry connections to Sweden and Germany, tug, bunkering and other services.

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Businesses currently in Freeport of Ventspils

candle manufacture
support services for the development of high-tech companies

Freeport Today

Freeport of Ventspils is a significant transit and industrial center, located on the Eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. The freeport is one of the core network ports of the European Union handling about 30million tons of cargo per year.

Port History

Because of its favorable geographical placement and ice-free port, Ventspils is a well-known transit corridor between East and West already since medieval times. The German Crusaders came to the Baltic Sea Region in the 13th century and built one of their fortresses at the estuary of the river Venta.


JSC Ventspils Commercial Port is specializing in transshipment of wide range of general cargos. The following cargoes are handled by the berths of the company: metals, coal, ferro-alloys, grain, raw sugar, etc. The storage capacity of the terminal amounts to 200 000 m3.