FROLI Baltic

Country of origin: 
Business Sector: 
polyurethane manufacturing
Starting Year: 

Froli Baltic Ltd. is a cooperative company of the German manufacturer FROLI-Kunststoffwerk GmBG & Co. KG that produces polyurethane foam products for such industries as medicine, rehabilitation, furniture industry etc. The range of Froli products covers more than 4000 industrial plastic products produced by technologies as polyurethane processing, injection under pressure, thermoforming etc. The plant with its 26 employees transports the ready-made products to countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany.


Member of the Board of Froli Baltic Reinhard Ruthmann:

–         The city’s presentation and interest in new projects convinced us from the first moment we came here. Later, when looking at the city and seeing how clean it is and what kind of infrastructure it offers, our belief, that this is the right place for us, grew only bigger.

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