Industrial Sites and Premises

We offer premises for industrial projects: pre-built or customised industrial buildings and land plots with utility connections that your company can purchase or lease for a competitive price.

The Freeport of Ventspils Authority started developing industrial estates in the early 2000s; since then, we have built more than 40,000 m2 of industrial premises housing tens of Latvian and international manufacturing companies. More than 1400 new jobs have been created during these years. 

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Leasing areas to begin industrial manufacturing

In the Freeport of Ventspils, next to the already existing industrial areas, more than 500 hectares are zoned for the implementation of new industrial projects. To begin manufacturing, it is possible to use prepared greenfields in the industrial parks with an area of 1 to 100 hectares with the option to extend them if necessary.

We offer long-term partnership for industrial site development, including land leasing agreements with a term of up to 45 years, and an option to extend them for the same period. The lease payments for the land equipped for industrial needs is 0.25—0.5% of the cadastral value of the land. Leasing industrial land, there is an option for agreeing on setting up additional infrastructure necessary for the company.

Land plots and factory buildings may also be acquired as property.

Lease of pre-built industrial buildings

The Freeport of Ventspils Authority is the largest industrial real estate developer in Ventspils, having built ~40,000 m² of industrial space in multiple industrial estates of the town. Currently, there are premises open for lease in the Ventspils Airport Industrial Estate and Ventspils High Technology Park where 6 new industrial building projects have entered the development stage.

Multiple new industrial buildings are planned next to such longstanding tenants of the Ventspils High Technology Park as "HansaMatrix", the largest local electronics manufacturer; "IMMER Digital", the largest producer of flexible packaging in the Northern Europe; "Wasserkabel Baltic", a producer of new-generation heating and cooling systems; "EuroLCDs", a liquid-crystal display factory, a number of smaller manufacturers, as well as a branch of "Accenture", the globally renowned IT giant. Click here to see all the industrial clients of Ventspils. 

The Ventspils High Technology Park offers land plots of up to ~15 ha that are ready for development. Multiple construction projects have been developed: your company can adapt these to its needs, build its own structures or lease pre-built ones from the Freeport of Ventspils Authority. The new projects are designed as energy-efficient industrial buildings (factory space ~4300 m²), with all the necessary utilities, including the highly economical centralised heating supply. The height planned to be available in the production spaces is 7 m, with an option of installing 5-tonne electric hoists; the load-bearing capacity of the floor is planned to be 5 t/m². Each factory building has integrated office, accommodation and utility rooms.

New Projects: 

New buildings in the Ventspils High Technology Park:

  • Floor space in each of the buildings ~4300 m²;
  • Energy-efficient projects with economical heating supply;
  • Height available in the production spaces 7 m;
  • Option to set up an electric hoist with a capacity of up to 5 t;
  • Floor load-bearing capacity 5 t/m²;
  • Integrated office, accommodation and utility rooms;
  • 1 MW electric power supply, with an expansion option;
  • All necessary utilities provided;
  • The building can be customised to the needs of the tenant.

Businesses currently in Freeport of Ventspils

production of electronic systems and their components;
production of hydraulic and pneumatic components;