Industrial Sites and Premises

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In order to carry out industrial projects, we consider the interests of the investors and select appropriate sites and facilities, equipped with all the necessary communications. Please contact us and we will help you find the best solution for sites and facilities for your company!

Lease of Sites for Start-Up of Industrial Production

Currently, alongside the already existing industrial areas, the Freeport of Ventspils has more than 500 ha that are designated for new industrial projects. Production start-ups can lease ready-made areas of 1 to 100 ha with an option to expand them if necessary.

For the development of industrial objects we offer a long-term cooperation – land lease contracts up to 45 years with the option to extend them for a further period of the same length by keeping the conditions that are in force on the final day of the primary contract. During the contract period it is possible to agree on the creation of additional infrastructure necessary for the company’s development. The land property ownership rights can also be purchased.

The lease of the industrial sites does not exceed 0.25-0.5% of the land’s cadastral value. The land property tax has to be paid in addition to the lease payment.

Supply of Ready-Made Industrial Plants and Premises

We offer premises of different sizes and even ready-made production plants for starting up business in the Ventspils industrial area. Premises are equipped with all the necessary utilities.

For a quicker production start-up in some cases we also offer to construct specially adapted industrial buildings and transfer them to business for use on favorable lease terms.

Industrial Space in Ventspils High Technology Park

The Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP) is the place for development of dynamic and innovative technology business, which operates in the industrial area of Freeport of Ventspils, according to the rules of the special economic zone. More than 10 companies from electronics, IT and other industries – plant of electronic components HansaMatrix Ventspils, liquid-crystal display plant Euro LCDs, center of data expertise Squalio, VHTP Business Incubator, and others have currently selected VHTP as the place for starting up their business.

You also have the choice of using ready-made sites on favorable terms in the new industrial complex of the VHTP, currently under construction with EU funding.

Production Complex of the VHTP Technology  Center

Total area of the Technology center production complex is ~4100 m2:

Part B ~500 m2, including ~100 m2 office space on the second floor level.

Free space up to the ceiling structure in the manufacturing part:  

8 meters (beam cranes with lifting capacity of 10 tons are planned).

The building is equipped with necessary engineering infrastructure and the following communications:

electricity connection with 2 MW power (with the option to increase the power up to 8 MW);

centralized water supply and sanitation, as well as heating (comparatively cheaper than setting up and using the company’s own boiler);

two high-capacity optic fiber connections;

separated ventilation and air conditioning system.


Plan of VHTP Technology Center, Industrial sites and premises, Port of Ventspils

Plan of VHTP Technology Center

Businesses currently in Freeport of Ventspils

candle manufacture
manufacturing of LCD products