Industrial Sites and Premises

For the implementation of industrial projects, we, in the interest of the investors, locate industrial facilities and appropriate greenfields that are equipped with the necessary utilities. Contact us if you want to find the best greenfield and facility solutions for your company!

Leasing areas to begin industrial manufacturing

Currently, in the Freeport of Ventspils, next to the already existing industrial areas, more than 500 hectares are zoned for the implementation of new industrial projects. To begin manufacturing, it is possible to use prepared greenfields in the industrial parks with an area of 1 to 100 hectares with the option to extend them if necessary.

For the development of industrial objects, we offer long-term cooperation – land lease agreements of up to 45 years with the option to extend them for an equal period retaining the terms in force on the last day of the lease agreement. Over the duration of the lease agreement, while leasing the industrial facilities or manufacturing building, it is also possible to agree on the construction of additional infrastructure necessary for the development of the company. It is also possible to obtain ownership of the land and the manufacturing building.

The rent of the areas accommodated for industrial operation does not exceed ~ 0.25-0.5 % of the assessed value of real estate. In addition to the rent, the property tax of the land also has to be paid.

Offer of manufacturing-ready buildings and facilities

For business start-up in the Ventspils Industrial park, we offer facilities of different sizes and even manufacturing-ready buildings. The premises are equipped with all the necessary utilities. In special cases, to facilitate an earlier start of manufacturing, we also build specially designed manufacturing buildings, putting them into service with advantageous lease terms.                                                                                

Manufacturing building in Ganibu Street 103 is looking for a leaseholder

Building dimensions:

·         Building area: ~ 4050 m2;

·         Height 7 m;

·         Office area ~ 320 m2;

·         Rent of facilities: 4.06 EUR/m2 plus PVN per month;

·         Possible partial lease of building: ~ 2350 m2 or ~ 1700 m2;

·         Area of greenfield ~ 2 ha, possible to extend;

·         Planned floor loading ~ 4 t per square metre;

·         Building can be fitted to meet the requirements of the leaseholder;

·         Special economic zone status is available;

·         Building is due to be put into service in 2020.

Planned facilities: An enclosed manufacturing building with 18 parking spaces. Power supply of 1 MW, façade and area lighting, water supply, sewage and its connection to the centralized city communications, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The ventilation is planned to be designed in compliance with the norms and requirements in order to ensure air supply and exhaust according to the necessary volumes of the manufacturing and household processes of the leaseholder. An automatic fire alarm system will be installed, and also telecommunications connections will be available via the optical cable.

Industry in Ventspils

Fostering the industry in Ventspils is one of our priorities. Within 15 years since determined efforts towards the development of the Industrial park were commenced, we have attracted dozens of Latvian and foreign manufacturing companies thereby creating a total of 1400 new jobs.

To the investors we offer manufacturing-ready buildings, which the company can rent for a competitive rent. Within 15 years, we have built 8 manufacturing buildings, but over the next two years, by mobilising European Union funding, we are planning to build 3 new manufacturing buildings.

Businesses currently in Freeport of Ventspils

polyurethane manufacturing;
biodiesel production;