Investor and philanthropist David Yakobashvili develops eco-friendly food packaging plant in Ventspils

On Monday, 25 July, David Yakobashvili, the main investor of Forpet Baltic Ltd, developer of various innovation ...

Ventspils freeport authority organises an auction for the allocation of development rights for the construction of solar panels

  The Freeport of Ventspils Authority is organising an auction for the granting of development rights for the ...

The remediation project in Ventspils will use the experience of Norway

On June 2022 the joint project team of the Freeport of Ventspils authority and “Ventspils High Technology ...

Freeport Services

Being the deepest port on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, we are able to serve the largest ships, which enter the Baltic Sea. All you need for business is available 24/7 at the Freeport of Ventspils: 15 cargo terminals of all types, 17 shipping agencies, regular ferry connections to Sweden, tugbunkering and other services.

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The status of Special Economic Zone, tax incentives, more than 700 hectares of free land available for industrial project development, integration into the TEN-T transport network, availability of skilled labor, the Freeport and the City Administration support are the basis for the establishment of new production facilities for the long-term growth in Ventspils.

Businesses currently in Freeport of Ventspils

manufacturing of large-scale steel constructions;
module-type mobile construction homes;