Export of modular houses made in Ventspils increases through the port


This week the loading of another export batch of modular houses was completed in the port of Ventspils, and on Monday the cargo was sent to the customer by the vessel “Baltic Madonna”.

Non-standard cargo handling, safe loading and unloading is one of the port of Ventspils strengths – it has both the appropriate infrastructure and experience and skills at the leased universal terminal of Noord Natie Ventspils Terminals.

The location of the factory in the industrial zone of Ventspils Free Port, – in the immediate vicinity of the port, as in the case of the manufacturer of modular houses Forta PRO, provides for the possibility to organize, as efficiently as possible, the delivery of finished products to the customer.

Forta PRO is a modular construction company that manufactures high quality modular units suitable for multiple-story facilities construction. Such industrial manufacturing speeds up the timetable for construction projects in a way that is not achievable by the conventional building technology.