Froli Baltic increases productivity slowly, but persistently

Froli Baltic Company increases the volume of production and invests in the production unit. Along with the installation of a powerful, energy efficient ventilation system and heat pumps, the environment and convenience of employees have been taken care of as well.

Experience accumulated over half a century

SIA Froli Baltic operates in Latvia since 2006. However, the roots of the company and the applied production technologies stretch far back in the past. The production unit located in the industrial area of the Freeport of Ventspils was established by the German company Froli Kunststoffwerk GmbH&Co, which is the parent company and the largest cooperation partner of Froli Baltic. The German company has accumulated 50 years of experience in the production of various polyurethane (PUR) foam products. These products are applied in such sectors as medicine, rehabilitation, furniture industry and even mechanical engineering. The scope of application of Froli products is very wide and the quality is high, Froli Baltic production and sales specialist Raivis Graudiņš stresses. Furthermore, the range of parts produced at the Ventspils factory continues to expand. The number of dies in the spatial warehouse added to the production unit increases as well. Produced volume grows every year. True though, this growth is not rapid, yet persistent.

With leather effect

Polyurethane foam products are distinguished among other products by their high resistance and surface pleasant to touch. However, this material, despite reminding real leather, excludes negative side effects. In comparison to leather covers, the material produced by Froli provides certain advantages in terms of hygiene. These products are moisture-proof, which is particularly important in the field of care and rehabilitation. For example, when looking at one of the ready polyurethane seat surfaces, it is hard to tell the difference from a leather product. This is a pleasantly soft product with mimic seam line. However, the wear resistance of such material is much higher. These products are regularly subjected to special quality and resistance tests at the German company, the work on material improvement is carried out and their durability is constantly growing. Therefore, Froli products experience the greatest demand in the medicine sector. At the same time, company’s products are popular also in the field of mechanical engineering â€” both seats and a range of other parts are being produced. The work on the manufacturing of a die intended for launching the production of a component for the tractor production unit of the Finnish Valmet Group is currently carried out at the German parent company. Graudiņš explains that demand for company’s products is affected by several factors; however, quality is one of the most significant ones. Despite the fact that products of this kind can be produced at lower costs in China, major European companies opt for Europe, and first of all due to quality, which cannot be guaranteed for Chinese products, but which is highly significant for medicine and rehabilitation, as well as due to transport costs. The majority of Froli Baltic products is being exported. The major country of cooperation is Germany; however, cargoes are sent to Denmark, Netherlands, Norway and Finland as well. The work on entering Swedish market is currently in progress.

Wood from Latvia

Although company’s customers reside in other European countries, in Latvia Froli cooperates with the companies supplying wooden inserting frames. They are used as the base. Afterwards, they are processed in a die using liquid polyurethane mixture, taken out and left to settle for 24 hours. Further, the products are transported to the after-treatment workshop, where the edges are cut and processed, and then the product reaches warehouse for packing. There are also products with plastic or metal inserting frames. Plastic inserting frames are produced by Froli Company itself in Germany. However, it is interesting that metal inserting frames are purchased. «The price of metal in Germany is lower than in Latvia, strange as it may sound,» Graudiņš reveals.

Breathing pillows

This year, the representatives of the company are proud of two items at the production unit of Ventspils. First, the growing demand for unique Froli pillows with the second model currently being developed. Second, more extensive work at the sewing workshop producing covers both for the abovementioned pillows and other Froli products. Froli German company is famous for its high-quality special beds, which are used in world-famous hotels, particularly in those where high-class athletes are staying. The special pillows produced in such a way as to prevent the accumulation of moisture and formation of funguses and allow breathing are unfortunately unavailable in the Latvian market. All these pillows are sent to the so-called old Europe. However, if somebody really wants to buy one, he can visit the Froli production unit in Ventspils, Kustes dam. There will be no refusal.

Easier breathing also in the production unit

Due to the project implemented this summer in cooperation with the EU Climate Change Financial Instrument and including the installation of a ventilation system and three heat pumps, the staff can enjoy cleaner air and workshop. «Air quality in the workshop was not bad before this project either; however, after the installation of this system, we can feel perceptible improvements and the air quality is much better,» Graudiņš tells. The project Complex Solutions for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gases cost nearly one hundred thousand Euro and resulted in the construction of an energy efficient ventilation system, as well as the purchase and installation of three air heat pumps.