Russian confectionary POBEDA has started production in Latvia

Russian confectionary “Pobeda” officially announced the factory opening in Latvia, Ventspils. The ceremonial start of production took place on February 17, 2016. Pobeda is the first Russian confectionary starting production abroad.

The Latvian branch factory – SIA Pobeda Confectionery – is a precedent for the Russian confectionery market. «Pobeda» - the only company in this segment, which has opened production in the EU.

“Starting production in Europe is a major strategic move for our business and a key milestone in the company's history. We are on a whole new level of cooperation with our partners. Factory in Ventspils offers new export opportunities; we plan to increase the volume of deliveries in Europe, United States, Mexico, Peru, Australia and China. In this difficult time for confectionery market, the plant in Latvia opens up new avenues for business development“. - Says “Pobeda” President  Vitaly Muravev.

SIA Pobeda Confectionery is registered in Latvia on April 1, 2014. The Confectionery provided about 75 jobs for Latvian inhabitants - in a factory in Ventspils and in the sales department in Riga. More than 10 million euros has been invested in the project development: about 2.5 million were Invested by the EU structural funds.

The factory is provided with the newest equipment, which allows automating the production process and ensures its quality and safety.

“We are proud of “Pobeda” in Ventspils. We have built a factory with the most modern equipment. This technology ensures the safety and quality of production and capacity to produce 30 tons of chocolate per day. At the first stage, we aim to produce about 10 000 tons of chocolate annually, 30% of which will be available at Latvia’s home market, and the rest will be exported”, - said General Director of the factory “Pobeda” Olga Muraveva.

“I thank Free Port and its director Imants Sarmulis, the Ventspils mayor Aivars Lembergs for support in the factory opening. We are excited with our efficient cooperation that will continue and strengthen the trustworthy relationship. Ventspils is a second home for us. From the first days of our stay here, we have felt very comfortable to work on the factory opening“, - said the co-owner of confectionery factory “Pobeda» and chairman of the board of directors of the factory in Ventspils Andrei Muravev.

Confectionery “Pobeda” is fast-growing and financially stable company with a 100% equity. It is one of the biggest confectioneries in Russia, famous for excellent taste and quality of its products. The total area of industrial buildings is 43, 000 square meter.  Factory is equipped with 28 modern production lines. The production capacity of the plants on Russian territory is 220 tons per day.